May recap

Well, May is over (at least there’ll be no more poker in the next hour) and it has been a good month. My first four months of poker officially ended in the second week of May. Since then, I have tripled my poker bankroll, from about 500USD to about 1500USD. I have moved from the .5/1 limit tables to 2/4 limit and 25PL and I’m considering testing the waters at 50PL (The dollar amounts are slightly misleading because they do not account for the 150 buy-in and 143 profit from Choice Poker that I was forced to write off from my first four months). But still, my move up in limits was met by an increase in my gains and improvements in my game. Of course, I was humbled this evening when I was slapped around at the tables, but I consider it another lesson learned in my poker education.

I’m looking forward to June and some more poker. I don’t expect to keep up the same pace of improvement as I’ll be spending more time out and about enjoying the nice weather, but I’m hoping that I can continue to build my bankroll and move up in limits as appropriate. I wish all you (if you play poker) continued good luck at the tables as well.

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