Tuesday night at the tables

Well, after the shellacking I took Monday night, I was anxious to settle back into the familiar rhythms of winning poker. My Monday night game was full of holes, mostly related to overconfidence. I am a better poker player, so my hands WILL hold up. My bets WILL be respected. Of course, the theme of the night was WILL NOT, but I was too full of myself to realize that. When I finally did settle down and try to play some good poker, I took a horrendous runner-runner beat and was steaming badly enough that I knew I had to get away from the table.

Tuesday I decided that I would hit up the 2/4 tables at Intertops… I hate to mention this because I want them all to myself, but freerolls abound at Intertops. They have completely free freerolls on Tuesdays ($250), Fridays ($500) and and Saturdays ($250). And not at stupid times when you need to be at work, but 9pm et on weekdays and 3pm on Saturday. On top of that, they have $500 freerolls Wednesday and Sunday, the only qualifier is you need to play 50 raked hands in the previous three days. Not a problem because you are working to get the 500 raked hands required to register for the $1500 freeroll at the end of the month, or the 1500 hands for the $3000 freeroll. And I don’t even have anything to gain from all this shilling (though perhaps I should).

Anyhow, Tuesday I decided to hit the 2/4 tables at Intertops to qualify for tonight’s $500 freeroll. I still need to get used to the swings you can have at a 2/4 table. I was bouncing back and force between +/-7BB, which has been fairly typical for me at the limit tables recently, but when that range spans $60 instead of $15 the numbers feel a bit different. For a long time I hovered at +25BB, but managed to drop $10 on the last hand in my last orbit. Still, another $90 at the 2/4 level helps convince me that I should be playing there.

I also played some .5/1 tables at some other sites where I was working on bonuses. Managed to drop $20 at one and made $20 at the other. Would have been more if not for some bad beats in the last orbit. Stupid runner-runner straight vs. pocket aces, who caps betting with QQ with a K on-board.

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