Free money

Now, I’ve done a fair amount of bonus hopping in my time as an online poker player, but I’ve never received money that was quite this “free”. This morning when I logged into my email before heading out to work, I discovered a message from Party Poker. “Lucy has chosen your account today (31-May-04) and added $50 into your account.” Wow, that’s great. What do I have to do? “To claim the money, simply login in to the party poker software before 23:59 hrs EST today and play 1 raked hand or 1 real money tourney .” I’ll do that right now. And as easy as that, I have another $50 in my account. And an extra $4.75 from a hand that I couldn’t resist betting before my half orbit was up. :)

Apparently they have a promotion going on right now where they randomly choose 1000 accounts every day between May 27th and June 10th to award some money to. It’s not as if I’m going to complain.

I also want to send a shout out to John-Paul. He played in the $6000 Freeroll Barcelona Heads-Up at MultiPoker and finished 2nd out of 340! While he barely missed out on a trip to Spain when his pocket twos failed to hold up against a the flush draw. But, he did manage to pocket $300 for his efforts. Congratulations John-Paul! Here’s a bit from his another part of his post:

In the Intertops freeroll I had the pleasure of meeting and playing with Travis from TP’s Table Talk, a fellow Canadian Poker Blogger. Funny enough, we were both playing the freeroll and watching the Stanley Cup Finals, Calgary vs. Tampa Bay Game, at the same time. We threw in a what a goal and awesome shot into the comments when Calgary scored. The other players probably thought we were colluding… or retarded.

I couldn’t help but laugh at that. I’ve been quite enjoying his posts recently and he will be added to the blogroll with a few others when I finally get around to updating it. How can I not, he’s another Canadian poker blogger. He also mentions that he wasn’t too upset with me calling him weak in my post on Saturday. That’s good because there was certainly no offense intended. I just wanted to point out the one flaw I saw in his game when we were playing at the same table. Of course, it should have occurred to me that perhaps e-mail or IM might have been a better forum for that message. Sorry John-Paul.

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