Tuesday Meltdown

Well, I knew it was bound to happen. If you don’t count the 20+2 buy-in to the WBT3, I had been on a winning streak going back over a month. Not one losing session in …let me go count…13 sessions. Well, I guess that explains it, unlucky 13 and my run at the PL25 tables finally hits a roadblock. And what a roadblock. I manage to get pocket kings all-in before the flop heads-up…and he rivers a 4 to make his set. In the big blind with 52 that sees a rainbow flop of T52, seems like a time to get my money in. Oh, but he likes his J5, so why not stay in to hit his 3-outer on the turn. I lost most of my money ($80 on the night) in the first hour or so of play and I was never able to dig my way back out of that hole. Now, I’m not too upset because I know these same fools are the ones who double me up on other nights, but combined with a very cold deck it made for a long evening.

And I hate to admit it, but I started playing scared. Aggression has served me extremely well at the pot-limit tables, but I began to fear betting and getting hit with a big raise, or heaven forbid another check raise. Even worse than that, I could see the people at the tables start to sense it. I was suddenly getting hit with large raises on marginal hands I was forced to lay down. At least I had the sense to leave the tables where I saw that happening. I guess it’s just another chapter in my ongoing poker education.

I also wanted to give pokerprof over at LasVegasVegas Texas Hold’em and Poker Blog a shout-out for the great work he is doing reporting on the WSOP. Conditions haven’t been great for the media trying to cover the event, but he has persevered. I particularly like the searchable player database he has put together, updated through Day 5. Want to find out how your favourite player is doing without scanning hundreds of names? Head on over to find out.

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  1. Poker Prof says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, adding you to the old blogroll :D
    Poker Prof