Long weekend

This weekend is a long weekend in Canada (Monday is Victoria’s Day) and I managed to book Friday off, so I was able to get a much needed break from work. I decided to visit some friends (a couple with an 18-month old) in Cambridge (Ontario) to get away from the city and decompress. It was a great visit as usual and it was amazing to see the difference in their child’s vocabulary after only a couple of days. By Sunday she had started saying thank you when you gave her something, a behaviour she had not exhibited the previous two days. Of course, that earned her two very proud parents, particularly as her grandmother and a house full of guests showed up Sunday for a BBQ and little Maya got to show off her new talent.

Of course, it seems like poker is creeping into more aspects of my life. Maya’s father has caught the poker blog after watching the WPT on TV and listening to my poker exploits (and reading of them here on my blog). So I spent a fair chunk of my weekend talking to him about poker, giving him some pointers on where to begin. We even sat down at the play money tables for a while so that I could explain some of the finer points of the game. Of course, most of the finer points of the game are lost at the play money tables, so I’ve also sent him some poker literature to read to prepare for his jump to the micro-limit games. I also managed to few hundred hands towards my Empire bonus as I showed him what the PL25 tables were like. He was very excited to see tables where there weren’t eight people seeing capped betting to the river. I am interested to see how mentoring someone about poker will help my own game.

Since I got home late Sunday, I had much of the day Monday open to do whatever I wanted. Unfortunately, there was some apartment cleaning required, so I didn’t get a chance for poker until later in the day, and that was only because the documents I sent home to work on ended up being corrupt. But, I managed to finish the hands required for Empire, with an extra $50 in profit for good measure. Then I started in on my bonus from Aztec Poker. The .5-1 limit HE tables at Aztec are just about as bad as play money tables. Four-five people would see capped betting pre-flop and many would call to the river with nothing. Of course, this means I managed to bleed off slightly more than my bonus amount in the 250 raked hands that I played. In my defence, I was cold-decked, not only in terms of bad starting hands, but unfortunate river beats. But if all goes well, I should end up with a case of decent chips for $8, which is a positive result in my books.

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