Wednesday night means beach volleyball again. After our good showing last week in the ranking games, we actually ended up placed in the Competitive division instead of Advanced like we signed up for. This was probably a good thing because we’ll end up playing fewer games against teams we completely dominate. There will be some rough nights, as we will be playing against the best 6s teams signed up for the spring season, but I’d rather play a challenging game and lose than not even having to work on the court.

Last night we were again without one of our regular female players and we couldn’t line up a replacement like last week. Fortunately, both teams we played against (we play 2 50-minute games in a night) allowed the game to count even though we only played with five. We weren’t looking particularly strong in our first game, but managed to win 2-1 against an inferior team. Unfortunately, the second team we played was pretty good and our performance just got worse and worse as the night went on. We lost 3-0 in a rather embarassing showing. Hopefully it was just us trying to get our beach legs back after playing court volleyball all winter.

Haven’t had any time to spend on the poker tables, but my money has finally gotten from my Intertops account to Neteller, so I put it back into Empire for their 15% reload bonus (code SUMMER15). So, I have another $100 just waiting for me to play 500 hands. Gotta love free money.

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