I hit another milestone this evening, though it took longer to happen then I had hoped. My bankroll now sits at $3084 (US). The last grand took just over two months to achieve, mostly at the Party family 25PL tables. I had hoped to pull that jump in about half the time but with the combination of vacation and internet outages adding up to nearly 3-4 weeks, I suppose the pace is reasonable. Either way, I think this puts me in a reasonable shape to take a shot at the 5/10 tables at the CNE casino starting in a week. My bankroll works out to approximately 4K Canadian, so that gives me a solid 400BB to support myself in this reputedly high variance games.

I’m still holding on to my outside chance dream of hitting 10K Canadian by year end (7500 US). That’s going to take a bit of doing however, so instead I’m just going to focus on playing my best poker (and I feel that I’ve been shoring up my limit game recently) and hope the profit follows. Then again, I’m going to have to start thinking about when to make the next jump. Maybe playing the 50PL tables more regularly as well as dipping my toes into some of the 3/6 games out there.

2 Responses to “Milestone”

  1. Dave says:

    Congrats on the big step!

    It’s always good to be reminded that patience and solid play will win out in the end. Good luck at the Next Level(tm)!

  2. John-Paul says:

    Congrats on attaining the 3k mark. What’s funny is that your year-end goal is the same as mine! Not sure if you mentioned that in a previous post or something, but I set that long, long, long term goal when I first started. Weird.