Sunday afternoon at the tables

Same old, same old at the tables this afternoon, but that’s not a bad thing.

Played a little 4-table 25PL at Party this afternoon. Started off badly slow-playing a set of queens and throughing all my money after it when the flush hit. Another 30 minutes and I managed to dig the hole all the way to $50. But, a several hundred hands of solid play brought me up to +$75 before dropping down to $50. My food was ready, so I decided to call it a session. And that should be the hands I needed for Party to send me a free cap and jacket.

Didn’t intend to play any more today, but a few hours later I was tempted by the soft 2/4 tables at Pacific. With my short sessions I’m not sure if I’ve just been lucky or if these tables were as beatable as they seemed, so I was curious to find out. Well, my first session was pretty short, but I managed to win 9BB in a few orbits. I owe this more to the bad play of others at the table than I do to any particular quality play of my own. I’m not playing badly, but there hasn’t been any call to play well either.

After a short break I was back at it and this time I was around for a while. The table was weak-passive and I told advantage to the tune of 12BB in the hour I was there. And it would have been a lot more were it not for K that forced me to split my flopped broadway straight. I can’t imagine what the guy was thinking staying in until the river with JT. He can’t have thought he was good with my pre-flop raise, so I guess he was playing the gut-shot draw. Frustrating in this instance, but this is definitely the kind of player I want at my table. I did hit some lucky cards in this session however, so I still can’t firmly say that I’m good at this level.

Actually, who am I kidding? I may not be a great player, but the competition at 2/4 at Pacific is horrible. Play some solid tight-aggressive poker, don’t get too fancy, and there’s a fair chunk of change to be made. Now if only you could play more than one table.

2 Responses to “Sunday afternoon at the tables”

  1. hdouble says:

    My theory is that the reason people are so loose on Pacific is because they only allow one table play. This makes the games much more like B&M games, which are full of loose passive gamboolers.

  2. tp says:

    Actually, that’s a very good point. It’s back to people playing bored wanting some action, as is the case with any home games I host, and I imagine much like most B&M play. Well, there’s one mystery solved.