Intertops $1500 freeroll

Well, this post will be much shorter than yesterday’s. The tournament had 218 entries, but I think just about half of them were no-shows and were slowly blinded off for the first five levels. I busted out in 117th. I could have folded two orbits to finish closer to 60-70, just by virtue of all the dead seats finally being blinded off, but I called an all-in bet with KhQh. I figured him for low pocket pair, and with the chip leader at 10 times my stack, I’d decided to try to get lucky and double through. No dice and I was out. Now that I think about it a bit more carefully, it was still a bit early to make that move, but it probably saved me another hour of tight poker just to make $10. I needed to start amassing chips to finish in the top three.

The only real point of interest was that I had John-Paul Constales at my starting table. He’s a fellow Canadian poker blogger and I’ve been reading his journal for a month or two now. I just wish his site had an RSS feed so I could keep up with it better and comments so that I can harass him more. :) He was playing a little bit weak (sorry John-Paul), folding many of his bets in the face of a re-raise. It was noticeable enough for the few live players at the table to take advantage of that habit (including me). But overall he played well and went in with AQ vs. 79 and lost when a 7 hit on the flop. Getting in with the best of it is all you can do.

In other news, I dipped my toes in at the Pacific 2/4 tables agian. In 45 minutes I saw three good hands, the first I don’t remember. The second was AQ, which I raised and bet the whole way, even though it didn’t hit for a 6BB pot when the last one in folded on the river. The other was QQ that I raised and bet the whole way even with a K on the flop for a 10BB pot. So, I ended the night up 15BB on the night, which I must admit is a much more satisfying number when playing 2/4.

And I just have to add “Go Flames Go!”. They played a great game tonight in front of a boisterous crowd. And it looks like they finally solved their powerplay problems.

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  1. Pauly says:

    I got money on the Flames!!!