Bad beat

Just finished a 10+1 LHE SNG. Things started well as I slowly pulled the occasional pot to climb into the chip lead with 3000 in chips. I was able to coast to the last 4 players on the back of my large stack. I really should remember the next few orbits better, but all I know is I put out the 4th place player and took a bad beat from my 5K stack when I ran into a river flush coming over my straight. I really should have bet it out instead of being scared of the nut straight being out there. I keep playing aggressively though and just barely missed putting someone out in third. Then I found pocket KK just as the table was starting to catch on to my rampant stealing (blinds were 150/300). Perfect for me. I’m in the BB and the SB raises into me trying to steal and I raise right back at him. The button folds, SB calls and we see the flop. It comes up Jc7c10s. SB bets and I figure he might be on a straight or flush draw, but figure it’s more likely he’s just bullying with his big stack, knowing I’d been stealing left and right. Fine by me, I raise another 270, putting me all in. My opponent calls and it’s on to the turn. Another K…oh wait, it’s the Kc, he has the flush, doesn’t he? Sure enough, the river comes quickly and I’m out in third to the Ac6c. Well, that’s twice I went in as the favourite against that guy and managed to lose about 5000 in chips between the two beats. Still, I couldn’t really fault my play (well, the no bet of the low straight was a mistake, but still) and managed to make up half the money I lost earlier in the afternoon before cleaning my apartment. I’ll probably head back in for another tournament while I listen to the Sens game.

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