SNG success

I just installed the new Pokertracker patch and finally got my tournament from last night successfully imported. At the 5+1 limit SNGs at Party and Empire, I’ve got 5 1st place finishes, and 4th+. Helps reaffirm my impression that I am a little smarter than the average bear in the world of low stakes online poker. After the weekend’s pounding, I was beginning to think that perhaps I had just been riding a lucky streak. I also have a 3rd place in a limit 10+1, and 3rd in a PL 5+1. And then 3 non-places in some PL 10+1’s I played to warm up for a home tournament I hosted last Friday (in which I finished third after a painful river suck out followed by an unfortunate set of 7s that slaughtered my all-in pair of kings).

So, in 13 tournaments, I’ve placed in 7 (in 5 of those I finished 1st), for a profit of 57 bucks. Not too bad considering the limits I’m playing at. And if it wasn’t for the practice PL games, it would have been 90.

On a unrelated note, I just finished From a Buick 8 by Stephen King on the subway ride home from a friend’s birthday party. Far from his best book, but it was still oddly satisfying. I managed to exchange my strange copy of Positively Fifth Street at Indigo today, so I’m looking forward to digging into that next. I could not find a copy of Orson Scott Card’s Xenocide however, even after hitting a few different stores. I should really have thought to check the stock online this morning, as I was hoping to get a copy from my friend for her birthday, since she just finished reading the excellent Speaker for the Dead.

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