Bad decision

Of course, instead of going back to another tournament, I decide that maybe I’ll try 2 tables of .5/1. I was holding my own, winning a few small pots to keep up with the blinds. But I was getting bad cards and I started losing patience folding everything before the flop. And we all know what that means. Well, it didn’t look too bad to start with, but then I ran into a few people who drew out on me. I don’t know what they were still doing in the hand, but I suppose that’s a familiar refrain. This didn’t do much for my patience and I continued to hemorrage money. Then I started throwing money at my nut flush draws, saying to myself “I haven’t hit a flush in hundreds of hands, I’m due” like that had some effect on the probabilities. In the end I dropped 30 bucks before I took a break to do some chores.

But, I’m currently back at a 10+1 LHE SNG and just took the chip lead on a big bluff.

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