Short Story

Had my usual home PLHE tournament tonight. Win the first hand on a bluff. Fourth hand I get the nut straight on the turn and don’t bet quite enough to get the flush draw out. It hits on the river and I’m smart enough not to put any more money in the pot, though I’ve still dropped nearly half my chips. Next hand I pick up pocket aces. Play it the same way, flop comes 349 and I raise. Turn is another 3 and I end up going all-in against the same player I lost to in the previous hand. Unfortunately, he does have pocket fours and the river ten is no help. So, less than 15 minutes in and I’m out of the tournament. And not terribly happy about it, particularly since I have to stick around until the end to run the damn thing. Hopefully I’ll be able to get in a little online action in the meantime.

One Response to “Short Story”

  1. Kal says:

    Both Matt and John where hitting cards like crazy after your exit.

    At the final table, I eventually collected Rob and Mitch’s chips to go against Josh’s mega stacks. He had me covered 3-1 at the start. After 30 mins, we were about even. On the final hand, I had J5o and felt he was weak so made a move on the blinds. He called with 79s. I think the flop was T52 rainbow. Felt like I was in the lead and bet out again. He called. Turn comes 9. I see that he looks relieved. I bet out anyways and he goes over the top :(

    I should have laid it down and started grinding it out again with 2500 chips left but yeah, I wanted to go home. Pushed all in, praying for the J which didn’t come on the river.