Bounty Hunter

Well, I wasn’t really hunting, but I did collect a few bounties in the last Poker Blogger Tournament. The first of which arrived today. The much famed Coach, from Pauly‘s tales of the Blue Parrot game, sent me a signed copy of his book. Unfortunately, the package was open at one end, but the contents were unharmed and I have the first blogger bounty to add to my collection. Thanks Coach!

It got me thinking though. I have a serious collecting compulsion and I began wondering what it would take to complete a collection of the books published by all the poker bloggers.

Then I came up with a better goal. How many poker blogger home games can I attend? How cool would it be to show up at the Blue Parrot game some night. Or any of the other many home games I’ve read about. A pipe dream for now, but maybe something I need to consider for the new year. Besides, New York isn’t all that far from Toronto. And work is always sending folks down there on business.

Of course, as soon as I say this, I hear about a blogger tourney organized in Sin City. It’s December 11th, and I’d need to fly out Friday night and back Sunday, since I have no more vacation to take this year, but it is sorely tempting. First flight check came up with $625 round trip, which seems a bit much to spend on only a weekend before room, booze and gambling is factored in. But maybe I’ll be able to find a better deal…

2 Responses to “Bounty Hunter”

  1. darknoj says:

    Well if your going up to Tronto you will have to hit Ottawa on the way and play here too. We have a few nice underground card rooms.

  2. darknoj says:

    Let me change that to if you coming down from Tronto to new york stop at Ottawa on the way to play a game or 2.