Saturday poker

Started in today on my new bonus at Multi Poker. I told myself I was going to stop chasing bonuses, but since it’s a Party skin I won’t be giving up any of my usual juicy games to work off the bonus.

Unfortunately my usual juicy games were a little tougher than usual. Actually, the games were normal but my play was substandard. I was struggling with my decisions and played impatiently when cards didn’t hit. I quickly went through 4 buy-ins at the 25PL tables.

So, for a change of pace I joined one of the daily $100 freerolls. The payout wasn’t great, but I figured it would be good practice. And it definitely was, even if the level of play wasn’t that high. I went from T2500 when the chip average was T10000 with 20 left in the tournament to heads up with nearly a 3-1 chip advantage.

The third hand heads-up was the last. I was in the small blind with 89o and I decide to limp and try to see the flop. My opponent obliges and the flop comes 2Q2. Check, check. Turn is a J. Check, check. The river is a T and my opponent quickly pushes all-in. I waste no time calling with my straight and he flips A2 for the flopped set played a little too slowly. Only $30 for first, but it’s always nice to beat a large field (241 in the case) in tournament play. If only I could contrive to get one of these final table finishes in a real tournament.

The later afternoon/evening went a bit better for me as I continued to run well on the Pacific 2/4 tables and I waited for a spot at the sole 50PL table. It was there that I managed to win my largest ever pot.

I was sitting with about $75 in the big blind. I’m dealt KK and five of the first six players limp into the pot. Then the seventh player raises to $4. It’s folded to me and I decide I want to make things simple and re-raise the pot ($17.50) . UTG calls my re-raise and everyone else folds. The flop comes perfect, Kxx rainbow. Only trouble now is how to get him to call me. The one thing I had noticed about this player was that he was very suspicious. If he thought you were bluffing, he would call you down. So, I wait about 20 seconds and throw $20 into the $43 pot. He pauses only a second before re-raising me another $20 and I nearly beat him into the pot with an all-in re-raise. He calls and shows 8c5c for second pair. No miracles for him and I rake $159, my biggest pot to date.

I’m slowly getting more comfortable at the 50PL tables, now if only they’d spread just a few more of them at once.

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