Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Pauly, what does someone get when they have their pocket aces cracked by the Hilton sisters? On the river no less. Lost more than a buy-in worth at the 50PL table at Multi and it was a sign of the way my day was going to go.

For once I can lay my woes at the feet of bad cards. Nothing was holding up and I took a beating. I managed to claw my way back as the day wore on to post a small profit after the $125 Multi bonus was taken into account.

But then I decided to play a table of 2/4 at Pacific and 2 1/2 tables at Stars. I got slapped around pretty bad at the Pacific table and managed to throw good money after bad trying to get people to lay down their hands. I eventually recovered from a bad start at the Stars table, but managed to dump a full $100 bucks at Pacific, ruining any chance of a profitable day. This is the second weekend closer in a row where I posted a huge loss that was bearable only because of large bonus. And these bonuses were even on Party skins, where I’ve made a large chunk of my profit. Oh well, everyone is supposed to have bad runs. Hopefully these are some of mine.

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