The Experte

I forgot another funny incident from the game last night. At one point, shortly after midnight, the security guard for the building came by on his rounds and we asked him if he wanted to play.

“Wait, how much do you know about poker?” asks one of the other players, laughing.

“I am an experte,” he answers, with a bit of a French accent. Everyone laughs. “I play online,” he continues.

“What sites do you play?” I ask.

“Party and Pacific,” he replies. “I like Pacific. I just cashed out $2000 yesterday.” Suddenly we aren’t laughing quite so loud and we’re a bit glad that he’s on the job and can’t sit down with us (though I suppose that might have made for the better story). Still, I was drunk enough that I would have wanted to take a shot at anyone over the green – well, blue in our case – felt. Probably an even better reason to appreciate his dedication to his job, at least for that night.

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