Go Flames!

What a hockey game! Almost worth staying up until two in the morning to finish watching.

Unfortunately, my poker play was not quite as exciting, unless you are a fan of big swings. From the +50 I reached almost instantly I was up to +85 and all the way down to -25 before finishing up 17. There were a few bad calls and some bad beats. I lost with AA vs. AA vs. KK when a K came on the turn, though that was only the most memorable hand, not the worst beat. Not a horrible night in and of itself, but I should have just walked away from the tables with my 50 bucks and done something else the rest of the night.

One Response to “Go Flames!”

  1. John-Paul says:

    Go Flames! Wasn’t that an awesome game? Probably the best 1-0 game I’ve ever seen! Joseph and Kiprusoff played outstanding. It gave me chills when they were interviewing Iginla after the game, and there were tears rolling down his face. Now that’s playoff hockey!