And the ride continues…

Well, the twists and turns kept coming fast and furious. My PL25 bankroll peaked at 120 and dipped as low as 50 from where I left off at my last post … oh … about 5 hours ago. I set my original target at 125 (50 dollars over and above the 75 I lost playing 1/2) and I got really close a couple times. Then I hit some rough hands and I decided I’d hit the sack at 95. A little while later I decided I just needed to get back up to 75 so that I could at least break even after the 1/2.

Well, it stretched on for a while, but I got two pot-sized bets to my flopped nut set of queens, I went all-in and got two calls to actually put me at +111$ on the PL tables and +99$ for the day. Now, if only I had gone to bed three and a half hours ago, when I actually had a bit more in the bankroll. Oh well, live and learn I suppose. At least I got a lot of sleep last night and have the opportunity to sleep in late tomorrow.

3 Responses to “And the ride continues…”

  1. JP says:

    TP – a Senators fan in Toronto? That’s a rarity. Must have been tough. Us westcoasters love to hate the Leafs and always cheer for the other team. Pauly – a Rangers fan? My condolensces. How can a team with that big a budget, suck so bad? It boggles the mind…. although, you did take THE CUP away from us in ’94… TP – do you suggest playing PL or NL more?

  2. tp says:

    I am more comfortable playing pot-limit so that I can avoid the all-in pre-flop raise from questionable online players. Since many players can be playing with almost anything, I like to avoid the chance of running into AA among the T7s raises I have to call. And since I’ve been able to outplay most of the players I’ve seen on the PL25 tables at Party/Empire, I get more advantage post-flop, when I have more information about my hand.

    That being said, I anticipate that there are probably even more fish at the NL tables for the brave, as NL is *the* game, according to poker on TV. But, a 10+BB/hr rate on the PL tables is good enough for me.