Truly Up

Was feeling a little bit under the weather again, but the tables at True and the last of my bonus deposit were beckoning. Unfortunately, the holes in my game that have been plaguing me all week were still not completely plugged, and a little impatience at the table had me hovering at 10BB down. Since my biggest problem is having the patience to wait for good cards, especially when I have my premium starters cracked, it should hopefully be helped by moving off True to a faster playing site.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the fish weren’t in the waters. And I was even one of them. I get stuck with A6o in MP and decide that I want to see a flop. The board comes J5A(4)(K) and I call bets all the way along with two others in the hand. The better turns A2o, called A3o, and my A6 takes it down. I could not believe that there’d be two other people in the hand with such weak aces – I didn’t even feel that I should really have been there. But I don’t think it was completely a bad play, as I had seen both players call bets – and raises – with only second or third pair, but even with that assessment, I wasn’t getting quite good enough odds on my money (figured it was probably a 3-1 chance my hand was good).

Later on I’ve pulled back to even (and my 10$ bonus is unlocked) so I was just playing out my last orbit before calling it a night. Nothing but the most premium of cards would get me into the game. Of course, I look down and see AA, an old friend who hasn’t come calling in a while. I raise it and we’re down to four people in the hand. Board comes TQK, all hearts. UTG bets out and I’m a bit concerned, but I’ve got the Ah, so there are some outs even if he does have the flush. But really, I just figure him on top pair, maybe two pair, so I raise. Everyone calls and the turn comes Jd. I’ve got the straight now, and UTG just checks so I suspect that my hand is good and I bet. The other two fold and it’s heads up going to the river. A king hits the board and I groan when UTG bets out. I make the crying call and he turns over his KJ for the boat. I was just about to leave a couple dollars up on the night, instead I’m in the hole and it’s getting late.

But I guess the poker gods felt bad about the pummelling they just gave me and they start sending me flops. Two hands after the aces I limp with QJo and drag a small pot when a J hits on the flop and the field folds after the turn. The next hand in the BB blind my QJo turns into two pair. I try to slowplay the big field, but there are no betters, and the turn bet folds most of the field. I pull in another small pot. Then it’s 42o in the small blind, but since the SB is still a full bet, I see the 4J4 on the flop. I again try to slowplay but the field folds to the button’s first bet (which I flat called) and I only get the check-raise on the turn and bet on the river. Still, my -5BB pocket aces just got made up with +10BB in good flops. I play out the next orbit and see the flop only once, where I fold my AQo with a Kxx board.

This put me 6BB to the good for the night. And I’ve unlocked my last 10$ bonus. The last three night’s of play have made up the cost of the WBT II event, plus a little extra for my backroll, so I’m at least satisfied, if not exactly happy. There were some huge fish at True and I really should have taken more money off them. I mostly feel good about my play, but I know my lack of patience was hurting me at times. Hopefully when I move back to Party, or another faster dealing site, that won’t be as much of an issue. Or, you know, maybe I could just learn to be more patient at the table. Nah! Why should I do any of the work?

Tonight is the 5th of my bi-weekly tournaments. We’re getting a few new bodies and we might finally hit 18 players. Hopefully I can continue my trend of money finishes, but maybe this time I could win it. Again, that’s going to require some patience, particularly when we get down to the last few players. I always get frustrated trading blinds back and forth and end up picking a bad moment to make a move.

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  1. Felicia says:

    Hope you are feeling better.

    Move to Arizona :)