Name change

I started this site with the name tp’s tidbits for lack of a better idea when I first threw things together. I wasn’t really happy with it, but I figured since I wasn’t actually dropping the URL anywhere, I had some time to change it.

But then Iggy stumbled across it somehow – I still don’t know how – and mentioned me in his blog to his millions of readers. And I started getting visitors.

I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with this space, post about poker, about life, about games, about … whatever, so I just left things the way they were.

Of course, anyone who’s been reading for the past couple weeks knows that my posts have focused mostly on poker. This is partly because it’s my major interest right now and partly because I enjoy being a part of the great poker blogging community that exists out here on the web. I’ve felt some trepidation about making non-poker-related posts because of the small audience I do have and I’ve been considering splitting off a separate blog for other writing.

But, that time is not yet. I’m enjoying my poker blogging and I don’t feel too pressing a need for other expression, so I’m going to continue on as I have been. But I still need a better name. I’ve settled on tpfelt for my cardroom name (though I have different ones on Party and Empire), but I couldn’t come up with anything for the site. It finally hit me 15 minutes ago. I couldn’t get away from the alliteration, but at least it was something a little more appropriate.

Welcome to the newly rechristened tp’s table talk. Enjoy your stay.

One Response to “Name change”

  1. hdouble says:

    I really respect the rivetingly rendered rubric. Hehe, just kidding, I like the new title. Congrats on the big win!