The wide world of poker

I had a great dinner last night at a Portugese restaurant with an old friend I hadn’t seen in far too long. The BBQ chicken, roast potatoes and rice was pretty simple, but the hot sauce it comes with to dip is to die for. I’m looking forward to going back in the summer when they have the patio open and apparently they have BBQ pig on a spit that they serve while you are waiting for your meal. And I have to order some of the other delicious sounding things on their menu.

I came home late and sated and decided to forgo poker for the evening, so no poker tales today (for which my friend Chris is probably grateful. Instead, I’m going to update my link list to the right with a few more of the great poker blogs that I read on a regular basis. I still haven’t listed everything yet, but I’ve got most of my favourites up. Of course, davidross doesn’t have an official blog of his own, but I love his weekly updates over at 2+2.

2 Responses to “The wide world of poker”

  1. jeremy says:

    Don’t know if you say this from the other day, but I posted a guide to poker blogs in newsreaders; it includes all of the RSS feeds, and non-RSS web feed settings (for the Syndirella newsreader), of poker blogs out there, as well as settings for some other sites like, etc.

  2. tp says:

    Yes, I did see it, but I didn’t have time right then to try intalling. Right now I am using Bloglines to manage blog subscriptions, and I’m a little leery about switching because the web interface ensures that I only see new posts, regardless of where I’m checking from. I’m probably going to install Syndirella tonight to check it out.

    And thanks for including me on your list of poker blogs. I guess having an RSS feed helped get me a spot. :)