15 seconds of poker

It’s hardly even worth posting about, but since I’ve given up on poker for the day, I decided to keep my promise and make a poker post. Immediately after my previous post I hopped on Empire to try to finish off unlocking my reload bonus. I needed 100 hands or so. Unfortunately, it looks like the DOS attacks are still playing havoc with the servers and I was only able to get 21 hands in before everyone at the table ended up disconnected. I tried to get into another game, but after five minutes with no success I decided to give up for the day.

Unfortunately there wasn’t much interesting in my -1BB session. A flush draw that backdoored into the nut straight won me a decent pot early, but I managed to throw most of it away trying to make some fancy plays. Why would I try to make any plays at .5/1? Beats me. Why would I think I’m even capable of making fancy plays at all? Hmmm…perhaps that’s a better question.

Hopefully the sites will be a litte more stable during the week.

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