15 seconds of fame

I just got back from visiting some friends in Cambridge and instead of taking the nap I meant to, I took a quick shower and sat down at my computer. First thing I do is start the poker blog tour, catching up on the weekend’s posts. Since I took Friday off from work, I was anticipating a bit of a backlog, but I didn’t get any farther than checking the first poker site listed to the right. Iggy at Guinness and Poker is probably the king of poker bloggers, and a strong supporter of the blogger community. But, today when I visited, I didn’t even get through his first new post.

There it was, near the end of Thursday’s post, a link to my very own small weblog. I had hoped that one day I might get mention on Iggy’s popular blog, but I didn’t expect that it would happen already. In fact, I’m not even sure how anyone would even have found this site, as it’s been up only a few weeks and the only people who know it’s here were the few friends that I mentioned it to.

Of course, getting added to the blogroll at Guinness and Poker merely helps to reinforce my unworthiness of mention. So, it’s time to put the WPT on the TV (CityTV, a local station, bought the rights to rebroadcast the first season) and finish earning my reload bonus at Empire. Then maybe I’ll have some good poker to write about.

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