Bonus done

Well, my second night was not nearly as profitable as my first, but I did play the remaining 500 hands last night to unlock the second $100 bonus at Party Poker. I dropped $18 in the process, but that still leaves me $82 to the good, so I can’t complain.

2 Responses to “Bonus done”

  1. rolee says:

    I came to your site via JP’s. Just wanted to say that your blog is nice and to keep up the good posts. Btw, what is your poker game of choice?

  2. tp says:

    Well, at the moment Pot Limit Texas Hold’em is my game of choice, as I’ve achieved a pretty decent level of skill in the game. Recently we’ve begun playing various WSOP games (Omaha (Hi/Lo), Stud (Hi/Lo), Razz) when we’ve finished our regular tournaments and it has been interesting trying to learn these games as well. For pure nonsense games, I’ll rarely ever turn down a game of Anaconda.