Back on track

I stole a little time at the poker table and was running very lucky. Unfortunately Empire is still being rather flaky, so it was too painful to play for very long. But in 30 hands (6$ of unlocked bonus, which was 10% instead of the 20% I thought it was) I managed to be up 18BB. Of course, that put me back over the 300$ hump, and is the first winning session of more than 10$ in a few weeks, so that contributed to my decision to call it a night early. Didn’t have too many interesting hands, but I really should have played according to Brunson and respected my rush, as my 8-2 would have turned into quad 8s against a couple boats. That would have really made my night. Of course, the title of the post is “Back on track”, but really, 30 hands is only a lucky run, but since I felt that I’ve been playing well over my losing streak, it feels pretty good.

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