New Horizons

Well, I’ve taken a bit of a break from poker playing – and keeping up with my blog, apparently. After the weekend, I was under the 300$ mark, giving me a loss of 100$ from my maximum bankroll. That’s still 300$ profit, but it has been disheartening taking so many losses recently with only a few 5 dollar wins. But, a lot of it has been the cards, as many sessions I’ve ended up with a 3-4% winning percentage. Not much I can do with cards like that. And of course, I’m not disciplined enough not to start tilting after a while, playing marginal hands. And it’s been bad enough that I’m having problem extracting maximum value from my winning hands. And I can’t remember the last time I hit one of my flush draws.

Also, I had pulled out my starting 300$ from Empire last week and this week I got an email with a deal for a 20% reload bonus, so I guess it’s probably going straight back in to earn another 60$. I was thinking about starting a Pokerstars or UB account, or maybe even a TruePoker account in a vain attempt to get in on the next Poker Bloggers tournament after reading about the first one hosted by Grubby. Of course, to do that I’ll need to start playing and posting a bit more regularly. But with the 60$ bonus to earn at Empire, I imagine that won’t be difficult. I just have to make sure that I don’t lose the 60 in trying to earn it.

So, Saturday afternoon I was looking for a break and decided to download the 7-day trial of the Horizons for a little MMORPG action. Now, my SWG account is still active, but I haven’t played on it for months now. I really should just shut it down and save myself 20$ every month. But, I always think maybe I’ll try it out again after all the fixes they’ve made, say hello to a few people. But I will probably give up the ghost soon, as people are planning on jumping ship to City of Heroes or Worlds of Warcraft.

I actually had quite a lot of fun in my play time. There is a ton of quest content and the crafting system is a lot of fun. And the early level progression is fairly painless with a lot of earned abilities. Only problem is I started in on all the basic craft schools and have been running to many low level missions to earn formulas. I think I may refocus on combat and try multi-classing my warrior with a little cleric to reduce my downtime between fights. That is if I don’t end up playing poker in my free time.

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