Beach Volleyball

I managed to catch the Women’s Beach Volleyball match today between Canada and Cuba. I got my laptop hooked up on the wireless network at the office and brought it up to the TV so I could pound out the documentation I was working on while watching the game.

Dumont and Martin managed a pretty solid game to win in two sets. I was very impressed with how they kept their cool and didn’t fall apart even after some big errors. It really got me stoked for this weekend, where I’m playing a 6s beach tournament for two days. It’s always a lot of fun and with all the volleyball I’ve got to see this week, I’m itching to try to take my game up a notch.

Of course, a weekend full of volleyball is going to leave very little time for any poker play. Well, except for my bi-weekly home game tournament tonight and the Monty Memorial bloggers event on Sunday. I guess I really won’t be stinted in that respect. But, the CNE is in town now, so I’m going to have to find some time next week to get over and try out the tables there. I’ve never played poker in a casino, so it should be an interesting experience. (if I can find the damn place and get on the list)

Anyways, hope everyone has a fun weekend. I probably won’t get another post in with everything going on this weekend, but I should have many tales to tell come Monday.

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