Poker mishap

I was working on my evening post to sum up the day’s play, but I just had a terribly disheartening sequence of hands and I just need to get away from the computer. I’ll finish writing up from my notes tomorrow.

4 Responses to “Poker mishap”

  1. DougB says:

    Good blog. What’s your username on Pary/Intertops? Do you have different accounts on Party and Intertops? I do.

  2. tp says:

    What, you want to track me now and milk me for all I’m worth? My Party account is tprovick. And that’s all I’ll reveal for now, in case I decide I want some refuge where people can’t find me with my other accounts. Besides, I’m likely to be playing mostly Party in the near future because of their gift basket offer. Well, that and all the fish.

  3. tp says:

    Err…actually, I just checked my account and it looks like the hands I played towards my $100 bonus also work towards my gift basket bonus, so I only have 156 hands to go. Maybe I’ll be heading back to Intertops and the freerolls after all. (proffelt at Intertops)

  4. DougB says:

    I have seen you. I’m Dugglebogey. I try to make a nuisance of myself, so you might remember me. [url]