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Finally, some poker

Tuesday, November 30th, 2004

As anyone reading my blog has probably figured out, I haven’t been playing nearly as much poker as I used to. There are a lot of reasons for this, but one of the major ones is that I’ve played a lot of poker in the last eight months and some of my enthusiasm is fading. I’ve played tens of thousands of hands online and made a decent amount of money, but other things have been taking up my time recently, not least of which is the fast approaching deadline of a project at work. And I haven’t wanted to force things because, really, if you’re not at your best you shouldn’t be sitting down at a poker table. I don’t know what the future is going to hold for me in terms of poker and this blog, but I do know that I did play some poker this past weekend and I wanted to write about it.

First off, I was finally able to wrangle enough people for my semi-regular PLHE tournament. Unfortunately, my results were hardly better than they were last time, when I busted out after five hands. This marks 5 tournaments without a money finish after taking 1st place 3 tournaments in a row. Obviously I need to take a closer look at my live game. And the first thing I need to do is stop making some assumptions. Too many times have I made the mistake of limiting my opponents’ hands based on their calling a pre-flop raise. Sometimes whatever pressure I apply is not going to get that K4 to fold, and I need to be able to recognize this a bit more often and not push my marginal hands so hard when I sense weakness. Sometimes the weakness is going to stick in there. I have a huge edge on many of these players and I should really wait for better opportunities. Unfortunately, there probably won’t be another game until next year due to the holidays, so I will have to be patient in trying out my new-found patience. Maybe next time I’ll last long enough to have a good tale to tell.

But all was not a loss. Bowing out early meant I got to boot up Party Poker on my laptop and start working off my bonus while the tournament winds down. I don’t know who decided to start making these reload bonuses require 700 hands in 7 days, but I’d like to kick them in the head. Still, free money is hard to turn down, particularly when I tend to make more money while trying to earn it. A few hundred hands later I’m up 60 bucks and packing up the poker table once again. I managed to get in the remainder of the hands by Sunday night (my bonus would have expired Monday night) though I decided that I wouldn’t even attempt the 800 hands I would have had to put in at Poker Now to get the $100 there. I did sign up at Checknraise poker to take advantage of the 50% pre-reg bonus, as they finally went live on Saturday, but I haven’t had the opportunity to play any hands there. This weekend’s play (at my usual 25PLHE tables) was completely on automatic and while I did make a profit on top of the bonus amount, I’m sure that I let many bets slip through my fingers just because I couldn’t be bothered to watch the tables more carefully. Maybe I need a jump in limits to start getting me to get a bit more involved in my game.

The game that wasn’t

Monday, November 22nd, 2004

Well, I haven’t played a great deal of poker recently and was really looking forward to participating in the Grublog Poker Classic Sunday night. Unfortunately, fate and the internet interfered. I booted up my laptop to play with I watched the end of the Grey Cup. But for some reason it wasn’t connecting to the Internet, even though it could was connecting to the wireless network. So, I got on to my desktop machine and started poking around with the config to try to get things resolved. I couldn’t find anything wrong so I went looking for some information online. No dice, couldn’t access the web. Couldn’t log in to Paradise. Couldn’t do anything. After another five minutes I threw up my hands and went back to watch the rest of the football game. One last attempt minutes before the start of the tournament was unsuccessful and I denied my chance to collect any bounties this time around. At least the Argos won.

Remembrance Day

Thursday, November 11th, 2004

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada. I would remind all my fellow Canadians, and really, everyone worldwide, to remember those who have fought and died to make our world a better place. It is no small thing that so many of us enjoy the freedoms and privileges that we do today.

Short Story

Friday, November 5th, 2004

Had my usual home PLHE tournament tonight. Win the first hand on a bluff. Fourth hand I get the nut straight on the turn and don’t bet quite enough to get the flush draw out. It hits on the river and I’m smart enough not to put any more money in the pot, though I’ve still dropped nearly half my chips. Next hand I pick up pocket aces. Play it the same way, flop comes 349 and I raise. Turn is another 3 and I end up going all-in against the same player I lost to in the previous hand. Unfortunately, he does have pocket fours and the river ten is no help. So, less than 15 minutes in and I’m out of the tournament. And not terribly happy about it, particularly since I have to stick around until the end to run the damn thing. Hopefully I’ll be able to get in a little online action in the meantime.

Bounty Hunter

Monday, November 1st, 2004

Well, I wasn’t really hunting, but I did collect a few bounties in the last Poker Blogger Tournament. The first of which arrived today. The much famed Coach, from Pauly‘s tales of the Blue Parrot game, sent me a signed copy of his book. Unfortunately, the package was open at one end, but the contents were unharmed and I have the first blogger bounty to add to my collection. Thanks Coach!

It got me thinking though. I have a serious collecting compulsion and I began wondering what it would take to complete a collection of the books published by all the poker bloggers.

Then I came up with a better goal. How many poker blogger home games can I attend? How cool would it be to show up at the Blue Parrot game some night. Or any of the other many home games I’ve read about. A pipe dream for now, but maybe something I need to consider for the new year. Besides, New York isn’t all that far from Toronto. And work is always sending folks down there on business.

Of course, as soon as I say this, I hear about a blogger tourney organized in Sin City. It’s December 11th, and I’d need to fly out Friday night and back Sunday, since I have no more vacation to take this year, but it is sorely tempting. First flight check came up with $625 round trip, which seems a bit much to spend on only a weekend before room, booze and gambling is factored in. But maybe I’ll be able to find a better deal…