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Positively what?

Wednesday, February 11th, 2004

The strangest thing happened tonight. A few weeks back I order a copy of Positively Fifth Street, and it was shipped on Monday and showed up at the office today. It was written by James McManus, about his experiences at the World Series of Poker in 2000. With my recent interest in poker, I was really looking forward to reading it.

I found my seat on the streetcar on my way home and opened it up. I read the forward and something didn’t sound quite right. I checked the dust jacket and then the spine. Yes, it was the right book. I read the acknowledgements and I knew something wasn’t right. Sure enough, I flipped to the first page and discovered that you really can’t judge a book by the cover. Instead of a book about poker, all I had to read was Longing to Tell: Black Women Talk About Sexuality and Intimacy. Not exactly what I was looking for. Must have been some freak printing/binding error, though I can’t really see how it would have happened.

Speaking of poker, I was looking forward to a little chinese food and online play at Party Poker tonight. I enjoyed the chinese, but was up and down all night with fairly ho-hum cards. Ended the night up 4BB. Not a good showing for 4 hours of work. I really think I need to start paying a bit more attention to table selection. The fish weren’t biting quite as much as they had been the past few weeks. But, as a consequence I was able to develop a tight-aggressive table image and then start making some plays to bluff out some pots. Unfortunately, those pots tended to be small, and the risk was large, so it wasn’t a particularly profitable tactic. Still, I was able to register a second steady, if unspectacular, night after the thrashing I took over the weekend. Bad cards and impatience were not a good mix for me.

First post

Wednesday, February 11th, 2004

Just bought a new domain (, should be propagated over the next couple days) and some web hosting services. An hour later I had server access. 15 minutes after that I had wordpress configured and up and running (thanks to Chris for indirectly recommending it.