Monday night’s alright for poker

There’s something about a Monday night at the poker tables that is good for my bankroll. It could be because that is the only night I’ve really had to spend in the past couple of weeks, but the fish were definitely out in full force last night.

After my embarassing performance in the WBT3 on Sunday, I was looking for a bit of redemption in the cash games. Anyone who has been reading my blog knows that I’ve been running very well on the Party/Empire/Intertops PL25 tables. With a win rate greater than 10BB/100 hands and a $150 deposit bonus waiting to be unlocked at Intertops, I had no reason to stray. Not many details to speak of. I played 3-4 tables and went down quickly before I calmed and started a slow and steady climb. I was being very aggressive, not really a concious decision, but I was very successful pushing people out of pots. And some of the questionable big bets I made were called down by little fishies anxious to give their money. The best example was on a board of AT55x my $10 bet was called by someone who couldn’t beat my pocket jacks. Why I was betting $10 with JJ in that situation is another discussion entirely, but it paid me off quite well.

I ended the night up $143, and managed to get through the remaining 500 hands I needed to unlock my $150 in bonus. Conveniently this matches the amount I lost to the bastards at Choice Poker, so it helps to balance my bankroll now that I am forced to give up on that money. I would be in excellent shape right now if it weren’t for that lost, but I’m happy that my recent run has at least prevented me from taking a step back.

Anyone who has visited this site without checking out The Cards Speak first has got the poker reading priorities all wrong. Hdouble has written up another excellent article, this time discussing the first year in a poker player’s career. If you haven’t read it yet, I’d strongly suggest you go now. I think my play right now is around the six month mark in his timeline, even if it’s only been four since I’ve started playing.

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  1. hdouble says:

    Thanks TP. Mondays always seem to be my best days as well, full of loose passive players. I noticed that at around 8 pm EST, Party seems to have the most fish–err players– out of the whole week.