Goodbye Las Vegas

Ha, my firefox autocomplete remembered the title of my post from the last time I left Vegas. God bless wireless access in Macarran International Airport.

The weekend was a roaring success despite the horrible illness that is now incubating in me courtesy of Gracie . She thinks it is Avian Bird Flu but I suspect it is something even more horrible. I just hope that I don’t infect the entire plane.

I think I will avoid the grand mult-post saga that I attempted last time I partied with the bloggers in Vegas, but even still, more information is going to have wait until I am a tad more coherent. But I promise I will tell the tale of the bathrobe. Maybe after I sleep for 48 hours.

3 Responses to “Goodbye Las Vegas”

  1. alan says:

    I think you passed whatever that illness is on to me. So far, I’m fine except for a sore throat, but I doubt I’ll stay that way.

    It was great playing and talking with you. (BTW, I went from all-in to back to $150 at that table after you left… glad I didn’t share the cab :) )

  2. Pauly says:

    Great to see you again, TP!

  3. Maudie says:

    I hope you’re feeling better – it was good to see you Travis!