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Tuesday, November 15th, 2005

I am a very, very bad blogger. It’s actually not been as long as I thought since my last post, but it has still been pretty sparse here. Of course, just because I’m a lazy blogger, that doesn’t mean I’m going to miss the WPBT event in December. I’m scheduled to arrive around 11pm Thursday night and will be leaving Monday night. That should give me lots of time to make up for my recent poker drought. I’m really looking forward to seeing some of the folks from the June get-together again.

Unfortunately, I’m going to look a little bit different than I did last year. Against my better judgment I have agreed to participate in the Moustache for Kids 2005 campaign to raise money for the Make-a-Wish foundation. What that means is that, starting this past Friday, I will be growing a mustache for five whole weeks (and accepting donations to the Make-a-Wish foundation to help offset some of the embarrassment). That will put the Vegas trip at about week four. It’s going to be mortifying, but I just have to keep telling myself “It’s for the Kids”. Of course, I am much less worried about my week-four mustache than I was about my week-zero clean shave. It’s been a couple years since I’ve been devoid of facial hair and it makes me look about half my age.

And in addition to my plentiful embarrassment, there was a kick-off event at a local pub this past Friday. Not only was a mortified to be in public with my bare face, a local news crew was also there doing a puff piece on the campaign (which runs in multiple cities across North America and has raised over $75,000 for charity) so I ran the risk of being on the local news. I commented that they were probably going to have a shot of me eating dinner. The coverage did end up in that evening’s news and while the focus of the piece ended up being on one woman who will be wearing a fake moustache every Friday throughout the campaign (and 24/7 if she raises more than $1000), they did feature some shots of the other participants, including a closing shot of me…stuffing my face. *sigh* And apparently it was repeated a couple times on the local 24-hour news station. I haven’t seen the footage yet, but as soon as one of my co-workers gets it copied off his PVR, I fear the worst.