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Ultimate Thursday

Friday, June 4th, 2004

Thursday night I have ultimate, and for the first time in the last few weeks I got to feel good about a game I participated in. We annihilated the other team 15-1, but I felt we still played pretty well. The fact that I played a good game was far more satisfying than the lopsided victory.

But the real game last night was Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals. I tuned in at the beginning of the third period after I got home from ultimate. Calgary quickly took a penalty and even more quickly Tampa scored before I even saw what the score was. Fortunately Calgary had been up 2-1, so it was only a tying goal. And that tie held up for all of the hard fought third period. And it held up for the first 14:40 of the first overtime until a lidless Jarome Iginla (he’d lost his helmet in a scrum around the net) took a blistering shot on net which Khabibulin managed to save. But the goalie couldn’t prevent Oleg Saprykin from jamming in the rebound for the win. Hockey doesn’t get much better than this. I’m hoping that Calgary can manage to finish the series off on Saturday night in front of a very deserving home-town crowd.

Unfortunately, the poker I was playing while watching the game did not go so well. I was playing 3 tables of 25PL and was running poorly. After dropping a quick 30 bucks on a few bad plays, I tightened up but got burned by a few unfortunate rivers and some tricky plays by my opponents (damn slow-played pocket kings). Fortunately, if the draws had gone the way odds dictated they should have then I know I would have been up, if only a few dollars. At least I was able to take the $80 loss completely in stride and didn’t lose a wink of sleep thinking about it. I’m getting better at this “one long session” thing.


Thursday, June 3rd, 2004

Last night was volleyball and once again we managed to stink up the beach. We had some moments of glory, but managed to drop both games against pretty unspectacular teams. In fact, the experience was so painful, I don’t think I want to talk about it any more.

But, I did go out for drinks and food afterwards instead of going home to play in the Intertops $500 freeroll, so it’s possible that I’m NOT addicted to poker. :)

Tuesday night at the tables

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004

Well, after the shellacking I took Monday night, I was anxious to settle back into the familiar rhythms of winning poker. My Monday night game was full of holes, mostly related to overconfidence. I am a better poker player, so my hands WILL hold up. My bets WILL be respected. Of course, the theme of the night was WILL NOT, but I was too full of myself to realize that. When I finally did settle down and try to play some good poker, I took a horrendous runner-runner beat and was steaming badly enough that I knew I had to get away from the table.

Tuesday I decided that I would hit up the 2/4 tables at Intertops… I hate to mention this because I want them all to myself, but freerolls abound at Intertops. They have completely free freerolls on Tuesdays ($250), Fridays ($500) and and Saturdays ($250). And not at stupid times when you need to be at work, but 9pm et on weekdays and 3pm on Saturday. On top of that, they have $500 freerolls Wednesday and Sunday, the only qualifier is you need to play 50 raked hands in the previous three days. Not a problem because you are working to get the 500 raked hands required to register for the $1500 freeroll at the end of the month, or the 1500 hands for the $3000 freeroll. And I don’t even have anything to gain from all this shilling (though perhaps I should).

Anyhow, Tuesday I decided to hit the 2/4 tables at Intertops to qualify for tonight’s $500 freeroll. I still need to get used to the swings you can have at a 2/4 table. I was bouncing back and force between +/-7BB, which has been fairly typical for me at the limit tables recently, but when that range spans $60 instead of $15 the numbers feel a bit different. For a long time I hovered at +25BB, but managed to drop $10 on the last hand in my last orbit. Still, another $90 at the 2/4 level helps convince me that I should be playing there.

I also played some .5/1 tables at some other sites where I was working on bonuses. Managed to drop $20 at one and made $20 at the other. Would have been more if not for some bad beats in the last orbit. Stupid runner-runner straight vs. pocket aces, who caps betting with QQ with a K on-board.