Not-so ultimate ultimate

I managed to make my second ultimate game tonight (third game for the team) and I was to make another decent showing for myself. I had heard rumours that our competition was going to be pretty stiff, but I figured we would hold on own, even if we lost. Boy was I wrong. They ran us in circles and we didn’t manage a single point for the entire first half. We managed a few points in the second half but if anything we looked worse overall. I just couldn’t seem to manufacture anything with the disc and was a little slow on the defensive side of the disc. Just not the game I was hoping for. And after the rough night at volleyball yesterday, I’m feeling battered and exhausted. With that in mind, I’m going to tie this post off and read a little of the latest Canadian Poker Player before sleep. It’s funny, the cover of the new issue isn’t even posted on the website. I guess Dave Sharf (the editor) is too busy at the WSOP.

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