Monday at the tables

I’m back with another time delayed post, this time from Monday. Had another great night at the pot-limit tables. I finally got around to opening an Intertops account to take advantage of another Party skin. Due to some Neteller balance management, I only loaded with $300, which translated to only $60 worth of bonus to work off. I will be depositing the full $600 this week to earn the 25% birthday bonus they are offering now. And the best part is, I get to swim with all the same fish from Party and Empire

My play on Monday was slow and steady, raising pre-flop with good hands, and playing them hard post flop to pick up small pots when I failed to hit.

Big hand of the night was a limp with 99. The flop comes perfect, 229. It’s all I can do not to get up and dance a little jig. But I still need to work some money out of it. Fortunately, everyone to the left of me folded pre-flop, so I’m last to act. Small and big blinds check, UTG throws in .50. Not what I might have hoped for, but I call his bet, as do both blinds. The turn comes A and the table checks around to me. I throw in another .50 to have a bit more of a pot to work with on the river. I get two calls and a fold. River comes K and I’m hoping that someone likes the board. I’m happy when the big blind bets $2, which gets UTG to fold. I raise the pot, hoping that he has a hand to back up his bet. He comes back over the top, raising the pot, making it $40 to go. I spend half a second worrying about AA or KK, but it doesn’t take me very long to put him in for his last 1.10. All he had to show was 2J for the flopped trips, which I suppose he had been slowplaying until the river. Works for me, the $108 may be the biggest pot I’ve pulled in my brief poker career.

At the end of it all, I had unlocked my $60 bonus plus earned an extra hundred from all the little fishies. Pokertracker says that my BB/100 hands is around +10, which ain’t too bad.

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