Back at the tables

It’s been a while (10 days, according to my spreadsheet) since last I sat down at the online poker tables, but with one work deadline behind me and the Montreal Canadians with the game well in hand, I decided I was past due and logged into Empire for a couple .5/1 to regain my sealegs, so to speak.

Things start slowly, but as the cards kept being dealt, I begin to feel the familiar rhythms. Fold, check, bet, raise. Then I pull a pot, just a small one, but with it came that small rush you get as the chips are pushed towards you. I fold for a while, lose a couple hands, and then I pull a huge pot with a set of threes. I’m in the poker zone and I can’t figure out why I stopped playing in the first place

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to ride it out for very long as before I knew it the hockey game was over (5-1 for Montreal, and finally a point for Souray for my pool) and I needed to held to bed. I’ve been fighting a cold all week, so I had to try to get to bed relatively early. Still, in 70 hands, I managed to pull 30BB, which I owe entirely to the fish at Party. It always amazes me the cards they’ll call down with. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers complaining about the bad beats they’ve sustained by people who don’t play “proper” poker. All I can say is “What are you complaining about?” It can hurt when they hit one of the not infrequent suckouts. But, when you can make 20-30BB in one hand off some players calling you down, and even raising, when they are drawing entirely dead, you have to like it.

The good news is the 30$ puts my backroll back over 600$, which sets a new high point. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting on a portion of that to come back out of Choice Poker. It’s been two weeks now and I’m just about lost faith in ever seeing my money back, which is quite disheartening as it will end up chopping the legs out from under my bankroll.

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