Monday update

Later in the evening I played 3 tables of .5/1 and though I was barely keeping even for the first hour, I managed to go on a run after that to add another ~30BB to my tally for the day. Combined with my earlier win this more than made up for my big loss on Sunday, so my poker spirits are again high. So far my short-lived no 1/2 strategy is paying off, but I’ll have to give it a couple weeks before I can call it a success. The only problem is that I was considering playing some 1/2 over at True Poker to accumulate the rest of the points I need to play in the 1000$ freeroll. True doesn’t seem cursed in the same way as Party/Empire for me, so maybe it wouldn’t be too bad. Did I mention that I managed to drop the rest of my Party bankroll last weekend? I’d withdrawn most of it beforehand, but still managed to go through 90$ in a few days. I plan on leaving that account dormant until they offer my a reload bonus.

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