WBT II @ TruePoker revisited

What a hectic day I’ve been having, getting stuff organized for multiple projects, running between meetings. I finally just got a few moments of my own to make a post.

In my rush to post about the WBT II yesterday, I forgot to include the list of the winners. So, today I’d like to officially congratulate the following:

1) Otis B Dart from Up For Poker ($196)
2) ChrisHal from Chris Halverson’s Blog ($140)
3) PaulyMcGrupp from Tao of Poker ($112)
4) STICKandMOVE from STICKandMOVE ($84)
5) FeliciaLee from Felicia’s Poker Talk ($28)

Particular kudos to Otis, who was the only player from my starting table to make the money. Hopefully that’ll be me next time. I had been planning on trying to collect a complete list of the finishes from the tournament, but it looks like minorthird over at down to the felt started on that, so I will leave it to him. If you played in the tournament, I’d recommend heading over there to tell him where you finished. There are still a few names from the WBT that I couldn’t place with a particular site, so it would be great to make all those connections.

Speaking of not making the money, I played a little poker last night. I hopped onto Party, hoping that my luck would be different than it has been for the last month on Empire. Sure enough, the change back to green felt spelled money and I quickly went up 10BB within 5 minutes. The next half hour didn’t change much so I took a break to get some things done around the house.

When I came back to my computer, I decided I’d try my luck in a 10+1 SNG, so I checked which tables were able and sat myself down. After the table was full, the cards were dealt. What’s this? Face down cards? That’s strange. Why does everyone have 2 face down cards and 1 face up? Ah crap. I’ve just sat down at a seven card stud SNG. Oops. So much for the 10$ I’d won in my ring game.

Now, I’ve played tons of seven card stud, but never online and never in a casino (as I’ve yet to play poker in a casino). So, this was new to me. But I actually ended up doing not too badly. Managed to bluff some pretty good pots and made some halfways decent hands. I actually had the chip lead at various times over the course of the game before losing it to my aggressive play. I even had a good chip lead going into the final four before I lost it chasing someone I was sure I had beat. Eventually I was even with the second and third player in chips, maybe a hundred or so below when I got pulled into a pot and ended up going all-in with trip aces and lost to a boat, kings over sixes. Now, he was showing the sixes, but only had one king up. I was burned by my aggressive play earlier as I knew he would have called me down with only two pair, figuring my ace pair was the best I had. And he had a 4-1 chip advantage over me. And he had just won about 5 hands in a row with ridiculous cards and I was looking for revenge. But I ended up out on the bubble. If I’d only sat back and been cautious, I could probably have drifted into third, and maybe even second. But no, I have to be aggressive, even in a game I don’t have all that much experience with. Serves me right.

I ended up going back to the ring game and managed to turn a small profit on the night, but it was disappointed after I should have ended up 20$ or 30$ to the good. And now it looks like I might have to consider loading up at Planet so I can get into Felicia‘s regular sunday night game that she’s starting up. I’m not sure I’m really ready to start making my blogger donations a weekly affair.

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