Dave Scharf at WSOP 2005

Last year I posted some links to some of the great World Series reports from Dave Scharf, a Canadian poker player and writer. I’ve been following his progress again this year and was excited to see he got out of day 1 with T49,850 chips. I’m even more excited because I got the urge to put some bets down on a few players and, on a whim, put $10 on Dave to make the final. It’ll pay pretty well if he manages to make it. Here’s a snippet from his update from Thursday morning:

Just before going to bed I wandered down to the WSOP area to check out the vibe. It’s a LONG walk to the Rio convention area. Most everyone that you encounter in this LONG hallway is involved in the WSOP in some way. As I wandered along at a leisurely pace I realized that I was developing “the hate.” I am starting to look at my fellow competitors with contempt. It’s not something a person does on person. And, it’s not actually personal in any way. I DO NOT make poker personal. But, I want to CRUSH my opponents. In the big scheme of things I think this is OK. I think I have the right mental attitude and I am ready to go.

WSOP Update #2 – Thursday Morning
WSOP Update #1 – Wednesday

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention pokerforum.ca by name, a thriving Canadian poker message board where Dave’s tales are hosted.

In addition to his championship event updates, Dave has also written a great series of reports on playing in some of the early events. Here’s a sample:

I will say, however, that there is not yet a “character” to this WSOP. The Horseshoe comes loaded with character. Matter of fact, there is so much character at the Horseshoe that it stains the carpets and hangs like a thick odorous cloud in the air. Literally. Here, at the Rio, with bright lights and clean carpets and room to spare, there isn’t yet a vibe or a buzz. It is sterile. I sort of expected this and I think this will change. The WSOP will find itself and rise up. There is no doubt that this venue is a huge improvement.

June 1st
June 2nd
June 3rd
June 4th
June 5th
June 6th

And yes, I will be wrapping up my Vegas series soon, I promise. I’ve blocked up some time this weekend to do some more writing.

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