WSOP 2005

As many of you probably know, the WSOP started running last week and will be continuing well into July. As predicted, the fields are huge, without almost as many people signed up for event 2 this year as there were for the main event last year. But that’s not the only thing that has grown. This year there is even more great coverage of all the events and I just wanted to provide a few of my favourite links for those people looking to follow the series.

My favourite tournament coverage right now is probably the World Series of Poker Live Blog over at Tao of Poker. Not only is Pauly providing detailed descriptions of the play, he is also recounting anecdotes of his time in Vegas. If you’re looking for your news in a more summarized format, you can get your World Series of Poker News at, complete with an outstanding photo gallery. Or if it’s the facts, just the facts, that you seek, then you can check out the tournaments results at Poker Player Online.

If you’re maybe looking for a different type of coverage, you can check out Jesse May’s Poker Show over at for a fun video broadcast. Or if podcasting is your thing, load up Phil Gordon’s WSOP podcast (rss feed) onto your MP3 player and listen to some great interviews and tournament coverage. And of course, a little outlet called ESPN is busy recording footage for their broadcast, which will air starting August 23rd. They are covering 14 events beyond the main event, which I believe is 2 more than last year. Unfortunately, the Razz event is not on the schedule.

This is just some of the great content being produced in coverage of the 2005 World Series of Poker. It’s a great time to be a poker fan.

UPDATE: Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t include a link to a local newspaper article about one of our own.

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