Goodbye Las Vegas

I’m sitting here at McCarran airport writing my first (of many) trip report for the latest blogger gathering. I have over a dozen pages of notes that I’ll need to write up when I get back to Toronto, but this is the first opportunity I’ve had all trip to connect to the internet. Not that I’ve been looking too hard prior to now. There has been no shortage of things to do inVegas. And I’m going to be ignoring the “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” adage and wrting up all my adventures.

But, I’ve only got a few minutes before my flight, so I’ll just cover the basics. I met probably 40-50 of the bloggers in attendance and managed to get in some decent conversations with haf of those. I finished down $50 at the poker tables, not counting the blogger tournament (which was a crapshoot, not to take anything from Bill Rini). If I disregard the 1/2 no-limit table I played through the night Thursday, then I’d actually have turned a profit. In fact, if Derek hadn’t hit his 4-outer to bust me, I’d have been in good shape. The -EV games were kind to me, showing a small profit even though I didn’t play for very long. Or perhaps because I didn’t play them for very long. I bet $50 on a hand of blackjack. I played in five different poker rooms. I partook of the Al Can’t Hang Experience and lived to tell the tale. And I saw the sunrise three out of four nights.

But, my flight is boarding now, so I’ll have to elaborate at another time.

In the off chance that anyone still in town is reading this, it seems I forgot to grab a dollar chip from The Plaza. If you are still there and grab me a chip, please do so and leave a comment. I’ll arrange to get it from you later. Of course, if no one does that, well, then I’ll just have to come back some time.

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