Sunday afternoon

It feels good to stretch those poker muscles. I managed to put in a good two hour session 4-tabling 25PL at Empire. I should probably be looking to move up the limits and the bankroll certainly supports it, but I’m comfortable and profitable at this level, so it’s difficult to find the impetus to switch. It also felt good to be playing some good poker instead of the mediocre game that marked my last few forays onto the online felt. It didn’t hurt that I was seeing some great cards as well. Managed to post a reasonable gain while working off a third of the hands towards my bonus there.

But, there are more pressing reasons to post. Some overdue congratulations are in order for a few hard-working poker bloggers. First, a huge shout out to Otis from Up For Poker for the tremendous job he did blogging professionally for the Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure. He spent a week in the Bahamas reporting on the WPT event taking place there and did an amazing job.
Second, kudos to hdouble from The Cards Speak for landing a sweet job working for Full Tilt. It’s a programmer job, not a writing gig, but it is great opportunity nonetheless. He’ll still slings words on poker with the best of them at this blog. Congrats Hank!

Still coming, 2005 Poker Resolutions.

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