Poker progress

Well, it turns out that the Party bonus situation does require that I play 1700 before next Thursday. Fortunately, I was able to get enough work done last night to spend several hours four-tabling and knocked off nearly 500 hands, so I’m more than a quarter of the way there. Unfortunately, two bad calls and one bad beat meant I finished -$3 on the night. My cards were pretty cold for the majority of the night and much of my profit came from pulling small pots that no one else wanted. In fact, barring one particularly bad play near the end of the session, I was quite happy with the way I was reading situations. Sure, I occasionally got called when making a move at a small pot, but I more than made up for it with all the times I snatched it up.

In other poker news, my old friend Choice Poker has risen from the dead. Months ago they refused to honor any more withdrawal requests, and I was unable to get out the $293 I had left in my account (I had my first good MTT finish there, with a 3rd in their $1000 new player freeroll). I was quite pissed off, particularly since that was a significant chunk of my bankroll at the time. So now they’re back, and offering me my money. While the conditions they have for me accessing my money (I must play 293 hands at the $1/$2 tables or higher before I can withdraw) are a bit ridiculous, considering that it is MY money, I can’t get quite as indignant about it as CJ, though I wish I could. I just want to get my long lost money back in my pocket and wash my hands of the whole thing. Besides, it’s only 293 hands, although I want to get that done as quickly as possible, considering Choice’s checkered past. And that will be a bit awkward given the push I need to make to get my bonuses at Party. But I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

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