Pacific restitution

Well, you have to give Pacific Poker some credit. They have said that they will be making up for the missed Monty Memorial tournament by crediting all the entrants with $25 (the buy-in was $20) and offering to add $500 to the prize pool should we reschedule. So, essentially they are giving us a nearly $2000 freeroll to try to make up for missing the originally scheduled time. That goes a long way in my books and though I’m still frustrated that the tournament didn’t come off yesterday, this is suitable restitution and I will not be taking any special measures to boycott Pacific.

Now if only they’d been able to give us an adequate response last night when everyone was still trying to figure out what was going on then perhaps we could have given them full marks. As it is, many people made a special effort to attend the event and while it’s nice that they are trying to make it up to everyone, it’s still a mark against them.

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