Crystal Chronicles

Well, at 7:30 yesterday, we gave up our 20+ hour quest to finish Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. It began at 11am Sunday morning and ran pretty much through until Monday evening with a few stops for food and 7 hours of sleep. Unfortunately, with only 3 players left, we couldn’t get by what we assumed was the end boss. We kept getting paralyzed and bombed repeatedly while trying to get off the cures and lifes that would have kept us in the game. Looking back at it, I should have taken cure, life and one attack spell, filling my last 2 slots with phoenix downs. This would have given me better odds to resurrect the other two. Also, we should have used our deaths to set up some additional phoenix downs for when we were revived, as there was no one to get them on the run. Ah well, hopefully we’ll get another chance.

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