WSOP Final Table Start

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve been sitting at the Pokerstars “simulcast” table for the past 45 minutes waiting to see the results of the first hand from the 2004 WSOP No-Limit Hold’em World Championship event. By rights I probably shouldn’t be this exciting about seeing a simulated hand of cards representing a game being played a few thousand kilometers away. But, there is 16 million dollars to divvy up among the final 9, and they just announced that there are 11,000+ people watching at Pokerstars right now, a pretty large number of viewers for a “simulated” table. I guess I’m far from alone.

And the first hand, it’s folded to Hughes who raises to 200K. Arieh calls from the big blind (antes are 50K). The flop comes Jd5h4h and they both check. The turn is 7d and Arieh’s 375K bet wins him the pot. Just wanted to be able to post the first hand.

UPDATE: Wow, two out in the first hour. Crazy stuff. I hope everyone doesn’t busy out before I get home after running a few errands tonight.

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