Friday night victory

Golden GonzoJust a short post for now, as I have to get to work to avoid being in the office too long on a beautiful Saturday.

Last night I managed my first victory at my bi-weekly hold’em tournament. Numbers were down due to a late invite and the Leafs game being on, but we still had 10 for a single-table freezeout. And the old adage held true, as I had one lucky suckout when my ill-advised all-in with K4 paired the 4 against AJ. I went from being the short-stack to nearly chip leader. I was able to take the victory a few levels later when my last opponent wanted to go all-in with A8 versus my AA. Even though I don’t have the time to make the entertaining tourney report I’d like to right now, I also have to be careful not to reveal how I played too many hands now that a few of the other players have stumbled across my blog.

I owe this victory to Palisades Toys for making the Golden Gonzo (pictured at left) which I used as my good luck chip topper this week.

Hopefully Michael at Michael Crawford’s Review of the Week doesn’t mind that I stole the image from his site, though it is hosted locally. My net etiquette isn’t *that* bad, I just don’t have a digital camera handy.

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