Limping for real

Well, the biggest story coming out of my PLHE tourney on Friday actually came after the games on my way home. I was supposed to get a ride back to my house, but the driver decided to just drop me off at the subway line. If I’d realized that was going to be the case, I would have left on my own earlier, as it was getting pretty tight to last train. When I got out of the car, his clock read 1:48 and when I went through the turnstile of the station, the last train was listed as coming in at 1:49. I hurried down to the platform, but heard a train pulling into the station. Figuring this was the last train of the night, I tore around the corner and down the stairs. Halfway down the second flight of stairs, I leapt the remaining 6-10 steps, trying to turn in midair to scramble onto the train before the doors closed. I came down hard on my right foot as I planted for the turn and I felt a horrible pain shoot up my foot. I did manage to squeeze through the closing doors at the last minute, but I could only hobble to my seat. I really should have realized that I’m carrying a bit too much extra weight to be trying stunts like that.

Seating in my seat I was trying not to shudder with the intense pain. I pulled out my Blackberry to check email and saw the time was 1:35. I’d actually had a full 15 minutes to spare. Needless to say I was not extremely pleased with the guy who had promised me a drive home.

Unfortunately it was not feeling any better this morning. I’m not sure if it just severely bruised or whether I broke anything. At first I thought it was just bruising, but the pain when I put pressure on it a few times today makes me worried it could be something worse. I’m planning on having it checked out either tomorrow or Monday. The one thing that is certain is that I won’t be able to play in the playoff volleyball game I have Monday or the ultimate game I have on Tuesday. I am pretty pissed about that.

That actually wasn’t the only interesting story from Friday. I’ve got some good tales from the tournament, but they’ll have to wait until tomorrow to tell.

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